Who We Are

When you're young and in business, you have a lot to prove.

That's exactly what Cory Becker has done, founding Becker Web Solutions LLC in 2007 with the intention of a strategic business move to harness the opportunity of today's web technology.

"I've never had a typical nine-to-five job," states Cory, and he speaks with the confidence of a person who knows exactly where his career is going. "Nor do I want one.  I like managing projects and building a team to accomplish a project."

The team he's built is Becker Web Solutions to fight off the "sea of graphics" so problematic in today's online marketplace.

With a mission to create simple, sophisticated and elegant websites that clients are proud to show others, Becker Web Solutions is making waves in the industry.

Business Accomplishments

In 2007, BWS developed two custom Freshbooks add-ons, earning honors and featuring in press releases from IT World Canada and FreshBooks itself.

The first add-on, a complex employee project manager that facilitates team project collaboration was developed for IAC Professionals, Inc and is now available for purchase to all Freshbook users.

The second add-on developed by Becker's team allows potential customers to enroll themselves in a client's Freshbooks account.

Personal Accomplishments

When a young, innovative professional on the rise earns awards, heads turn. Cory Becker's personal accomplishments include accolades from the Future Business Leaders of America competitions. Awards include:

  • 1st place position for three consecutive years in Network Design and Concepts
  • 1st place position for two consecutive years in Java programming
  • 3rd place position – out of 450 participants! - in Job Interview

Cory's formal education includes three years of Cisco Networking training including both the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) curriculum.

He currently pursues a Management Information Systems degree from the University of Nebraska in Omaha.

Where It All Began

In 2002, Cory Becker designed his first website for an Omaha photographer. The site is still online and business is thriving.

The demand for good design and high technological skills kept Cory busy for the next five years. He worked with important clients including Omaha City Weekly.

After these high-level accomplishments, Cory formed Becker Web Solutions as an LLC business in 2007.

The business formation through an attorney was a graduation gift from Gary Schott, who knew Cory's strong potential for leading web technology. Schott had commissioned Cory to establish web presence for his two online businesses, APSPast.com and SchottEnterprises.com

The BWS Team

Today, Becker Web Solutions has four members on the team: A data specialist, a talented programmer, a Flash designer, and Cory Becker himself. The team is expected to grow steadily over the coming months.

Cory's highly trusted network contacts include copywriters, SEO experts, security audit professionals and more, allowing clients to obtain reliable quality services from strong referrals.

Cory spends his spare time with his best friend and companion, a smart devil of a Cocker Spaniel named Willy.

The two of them continually scheme of great things to come.