Freshbooks Custom Development

Benefit from fast, accurate time tracking, project management and invoicing capabilities online with our custom-developed plug-ins for Freshbooks.

Strategically optimize your business efficiency, increase your productivity, and take control of your time. Add our customized plug-ins to maximize the potential of Freshbooks – and your business.

  • FreshBooks Shopping Cart — Let clients shop your website for services and products; automatically generate an invoice (or recurring invoice) for them. NEW released May 2009
  • Client Enrollment Plug-in — This easy website form lets potential clients set themselves up in your Freshbooks account for speedy, accurate invoicing. NEW version released May 2009
  • Project Manager — Take control of your business easily. Our project manager add-on lets you:
    • Create individual employee logins
    • Delegate tasks to employees and workers
    • Allow employees to grab their tasks and clock their time
    • Manage unlimited projects and employees
    • Stay updated on progress and project status reports
    • Share files with employees and other users
    • Generate reports for better business management
    • Collaborate on projects
    • Send messages to other users
    • Invoice clients quickly and accurately
    • It's our most popular plug-in for a productive, efficient business!
  • Advanced Employee Time Tracker — An added feature of the Project Manager add-on, employees can login to their individual account, grab their tasks and clock their time accurately and easily.
  • eCommerce Platform Integration — Selling products online? We'll build and integrate an ecommerce platform with Freshbooks so you can sell and invoice clients easily.